Bobby Does Dylan

Bob Dylan demanded to meet Robert Harrison, who goes under the name of Bobby Does Dylan, after seeing a YouTube clip of him singing Like A Rolling Stone at the Oran More in Glasgow.

A few months later there was a meeting of the two Bobs in Dylan’s hotel in Glasgow where they chatted for 5-10 minutes.

During it, Dylan asked Bobby if he was doing well.

When told that he was doing well, Dylan shot “Well, you owe me some royalties then” before shooting him a grin, to Bobby’s relief.

Top Dylan Tribute Act

Now, Moville gets to see the UK’s top Dylan tribute act – the man Dylan had to see.

Bobby puts on his show in the Caiseal Mara Hotel in central Moville on the Friday and Saturday nights. He has a full team of roadies, a sound man and a lighting man with him.

His sound equipment has cost him over 30 grand and his lighting equipment has set him back a fair amount too.

Bobby is a real showman, and an actor by profession and he is not there just to strum the guitar and sing a few tunes but to put on a sound and lights show for the audience.

Watch Bobby Does Dylan Live

Here’s a short trailer of Bobby playing at a packed Albany Theatre in Greenock in the West of Scotland.

Click on Bobby Does Dylan at Albany Theatre.

Bobby will be supported by the Dylanites from Derry, who will play the first hour before Bobby starts.

Caiseal Mara Hotel

The show starts at 7:15pm and goes on to about 10:30pm when people can disperse and see the other acts in the town.

The show costs €5 (around £3.50) with a reduced rate for children on the door.

Tickets are currently on sale at the desk at the Caiseal Mara Hotel, at Gillen’s Shop, at Rosatos Bar and at the Moville Holiday Hostel.

If you are intending going on the Saturday I would think about getting your tickets now before the Dylan fans all get here.