BeatlesFest on the Lough

Last year the Plasticine Porters came up from Belfast with their guitars and just wanted to play. They played at Open Mics, when other acts had a break and after they had finished.

They did so well that they have a couple of gigs in Annie’s Bar this year.

Last night three young guys came up from Downpatrick with their guitars, like the Plasticine Porters and just wanted to play.

They got their chance last night in Rosatos.

The Decibellas were playing for the first time at the festival and played a great set. They were applauded enthusiastically after every song they played.

Guys from Downpatrick

After they had finished, the young guys (I don’t even know their names or the name of their band) got up to play and they wowed the crowd too.

They played some of the earlier songs that don’t often get played and did it very well.

Indeed, they did so well that they have been asked to come back tonight to play after that wonderful, virtuoso musician, Michael Thomas.

Despite the weather, this year’s BeatlesFest has got off to a fantastic start and tonight will be the main night with acts on in Rosatos, the Caiseal Mara Hotel, Annie’s Bar and the Redcastle Hotel.

It should be a good night.


I’ve since found out that they are called Dahlai. I’m not sure what that means. As I said above, they are from Downpatrick in Northern Ireland and their names are Jake, Gareth & David.

I’m also told that not only will they be playing after Michael Thomas tonight in Rosatos, they’ll be playing after Damien Sheridan on the Sunday night in Rosatos too.

Rosatos don’t let the grass grow under their feet when they spot a good thing.