Caiseal Mara Meal

It was the first time that I had gone to eat at the Caiseal Mara under the new ownership.

It was my birthday and I wanted somewhere different so I went there with my son.

I had, of course, been in the restaurant under previous ownership.

However, it is all-change now so I wanted to see what kind of food they served and what kind of service it had.


The first thing I noticed was that it looked pretty much as I had remembered it.

I had a debate with my son who said that the windows in there were fake. I said they were real.

I was wrong and he was right.

Olwyn, the girl who was serving us showed us that there were just white walls behind the windows.

I was astonished. All the times I went in there before I never knew that.

Main Course

We just decided to have the main course.

I had the smoked haddock on a bed of creamed potatoes.

He had the chef’s special. It was a chicken dish. I think it was called Chicken Supreme.

The first thing that we noticed when the food was brought to our table was that it was very well presented.

It looked appetising.


There were good portions too.

My smoked haddock done in a creamy sauce along with the creamed potatoes tasted as good as it looked.

I ordered a side dish of chips as well.

They were those good solid chips, a nice size and brown rather than that yellowish colour when they are not properly cooked.

They were proper sized too and not those skinny McDonalds type ‘fries’.

My son enjoyed his too.

As we left he said that it was even better than he expected it to be and even better than it looked.

Restaurant Service

The service from young Olwyn was very good too and she was helpful and friendly.

It was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere and added to the good food it was a nice night out for my birthday.

For two main courses with a side order and a drink each it cost €38.60

I don’t know if you have tried the restaurant and the menu at the ‘new’ Caiseal Mara under new ownership but I would say that it would be well worth a try.

Give it a go!