Martin Moir

Martin Moir is a well-known singer / songwriter about Moville. He plays at a lot of the Singer / Songwriter nights.

Now he has released a CD made in Derry.

It’s called A Northern Soul.

It’s well worth a listen.

Touch the Sky

The first song Touch The Sky is very melodic like a lot of Martin’s songs. It’s a good number.

He is influenced by Oasis and through them the Beatles as well as other classic masters of melodic music like Pink Floyd.

The next song, A Beautiful Sight is a lovely ballad with some great acoustic guitar.

Martin’s music is very easy to listen to.

It gives you a good feeling of well-being. It is warm, embracing music.

I Want to Know

The next song, I Want To Know, is a bit harder and would put you in mind of Oasis, his heroes.

So, if you like Oasis, and would like to hear more songs of that genre then this is for you.

It’s a good song and very good musically. Martin’s voice comes through very well on it.

It’s very well produced too. There’s a nice bit of guitar to fade out.


The last song Please….. is a great finale to the CD.

It’s a great song and again very melodic.

It’s probably my favourite – although they are all good.

As I said, it is very easy to listen to.

There’s a great bit of organ (I think), Procul Harum style towards the end.

The CD is only a fiver and is being sold in pubs and shops about town.

If you want to go to the launch it’s on at The Trawlerman tonight (Friday).