DylanFest on the Lough

The 2015 DylanFest will be launched in the Caiseal Mara on Monday evening at 8:30pm.

Bobby Does Dylan is coming over from Scotland for the event. He’s the guy that Bob Dylan wanted to see after he saw a YouTube video of him playing at the Oran More in Glasgow.

He met up with him 18 months ago when Dylan was in Glasgow.

Bobby is coming to talk to the pubs, and especially the Caiseal Mara, about the upcoming festival which takes place in Moville From August 27th to 30th this year.

Other musicians will be coming along as well as local pub owners and managers. The public are invited too.

Dylan Night

Bobby is bringing over his sound equipment and will be playing a set of Dylan songs on Monday night. We have invited other musicians to come along too.

It should be a good night and a taster for the real DylanFest in August.

If you can play any Dylan songs why not come along and play?

You might got spotted by the pub owners and invited back for the main festival.