Salt Levels

It has long been held that salt is bad for you and can cause high nlood pressure. However, it seems that this long held view has been based on flimsy research.

More recent research is showing that, although high levels of salt are bad for you, normal levels of salt, i.e. like most people have in their diet are OK for you.

So, what are ‘normal levels of salt’.

Research defines this as a tablespoonful a day – which, it seems, is what most people have.

Heart Trouble

Indeed, the research shows that if you take too little salt, defined by less than half a teasponnful a day, it can cause you heart trouble.

Indeed, many people who don’t take salt at all have heart problems, according to the reearch, which seems to run counter to previous research.

To find out more lick on Normal Salt Levels May be OK

A lot of those old beliefs, like too many eggs being bad for your cholosteraol levels and your heart are now being shown to be based on very skimpy previous research.