Spring Tides

Spring Tides from Moville put in a great performance on Busker Abu tonight – and just lost out.

They came so damn close though.

Eight acts took part but only one would go through to the semi final.

The acts had to get five coins each from the judges in 90 seconds or they were out.

Got the Lot

Spring Tides and two other acts got all fifteen coins. Five acts failed to do so.

So the judges had to decide which two would go through to the sing-off.

They chose a girl duo Sultrai and Spring Tides.

They both sang again and again the judges loved Spring Tides as did the audience.

However, they loved Sultrai as well – and they liked them just a bit more.

So Spring Tides just lost out.

Great Performance

They could not have performed any better though.

I was at the show when it was recorded and I told the guy next to me that I was 90% sure that they had won and got through.

However, the judges thought differently and it is they who decide.

Spring Tides did not let the town down, though.

It’s just a shame that on the day, the judges there chose someone else.

It’s onwards and upwards, though, for Spring Tides.

They will be appearing at The Clock tonight from 10:30pm.