Busker Abu

I know from speaking to you that a lot of people locally are watching the Busker Abu talent show on Sunday evenings at 8:30pm.

Debbie McDaid, Geraldine Cavanagh and Aaron McLaughlin were on it two Sundays ago and performed creditably finishing close runners-up out of 8 acts, just losing out 2-1 on the three judges verdicts to a very good act. It was very close. Many of you thought they should have won.

This Sunday the re-formed  (or is it reformed) Spring Tides will be on. We’ll see how they do.

James O’Donnell of Spring Tides

I don’t know how many of you watch TG4 regularly but the clip that they are using as a trailer for this week’s show highlights James O’Donnell of Spring Tides.

It shows him comparing his ‘Popeye’ muscles to the waif-like show’s presenter’s muscles. There was quite a difference.

The clip will be showing all week in the run-up to the show. The ladies of the Gaeltacht will be looking on admiringly.

Maybe James will get a fan club. Maybe women will be writing in asking to be put in touch with the muscular sailor – or sending him letters or other such things.

He could become TG4’s new sex symbol.

If he tells us all he’s off to the Gaeltacht for a few days after next Sunday’s show perhaps you could ask him why.