There really doesn’t need to be a cinema in Muff for ’50 Shades’ to come to the village. The Squealing Pig was awash with talk of the forthcoming film last night. Not a fan personally of the very badly written book, I was intrigued when the conversation arose amongst a local group early last night. The said bunch were all critical of the hype surrounding the craze of the movie release. And I was glad to discover they didn’t waste their valuable time reading the book either. Go girls! Anyone who is so excited with the idea of a male control freak needs a good wake up call.
However the conversation developed last night and then questions arose. Why is this causing such a stir? Do some ladies really need to see this movie to enrich their personal lives? Do they really live such drab lives that Christian Grey is needed to spice it up? Or is it saying something about the men in their lives? The girls covered the lot and more.
Fifty Shades
To conclude it was decided that Muff ladies really don’t need the assistance of Mr. Grey. Or do they? Grey seemed to take over the entire conversation for an evening. He was critically analysed in every way. He even came close to someone going for a sneak preview. But alas….what did they decide? Just what?
Christian Grey, you got a very huge thumbs down!