McGonagle Oil

I shopped around before buying my 1,000 litres of heating oil today to see where the cheapest oil was.

I checked online and by contacting the companies themselves. Here were the results:-

€590 – McGonagle Oil

€598 – Swilly Fuels

€599 – A&N Fuels

€599 – McLaughlin Fuels

€600 – Inishowen Fuels

€625 – Springtown Fuels

Swilly Fuels

I’d like to stress that this is a snapshot in time. Last time I checked, a couple of weeks ago, Swilly Fuels were cheapest at €589.

McGonagle Oil can be asked for a quote at [email protected]

Incidentally they got back too late to me and I had already called a firm to deliver oil at €599.