TG4 Talent Show

A new TV talents show is going to be recorded at RTE’s studios next month and the month after.

As I had run a couple of National Songwriter Festivals they contacted me to see what talent we had at them. The ‘National’ part of it sounds a bit grand but there were acts from Dublin, Cork and Derry as well as from other parts of Donegal but most of the acts were local.

The new show will go out on TG4 and is expected to have a large audience.

Local Talent

After speaking to the show’s producer, I sent her YouTube and Soundcloud clips of some good acts and asked others to send her on some clips.

Most of them managed to get themselves registered, at least, and they were to have a 2-minute clip of them performing a cover song that highlighted their talents ready for this Monday for the show.

I hope as many as possible managed to get the clip recorded and sent back as there are some good acts I put forward.

Moville Well Represented

I don’t know, as yet, who did send them back or who would get through to the Final 100 acts who are going to appear on the show.

However, the producer told me, on the phone, that Moville was well represented without giving me any names (she was quite busy). I don’t know if the acts have been told yet.

I sent her acts from Moville, Derry, Cork, Dublin and Portstewart. In reckon some have got a chance of at least making it.

According to the Producer of the Show “I think almost all of the acts you suggested have been shortlisted which is great, it’s just down now to their 2 min recording & their availability”.

That sounds hopeful.

Free Audience Tickets

She also said “If you’re interested in coming down to see any of the shows (or more than one, doesn’t matter) you’re more than welcome to audience tickets (as many as you want)”.

“So have a think about audience tickets and let me know”.

That should be fun. I could also get a number of contacts if we decide to do another National Songwriter Contest. Then it really would be national.

Maybe we could take a busful of people from Moville to Dublin for one of the shows.

There are 10 shows altogether with 10 acts in each. Only one act goes through to the later stages per show.

Programme Dates

Studio audience RTE, Dublin: There are 2 slots; afternoon and evening

February: 16th (1 show evening only) 17th (2 shows, afternoon & evening) and 18th (2 shows, afternoon & evening)

March: 2nd (1 show evening only), 3rd (2 shows, afternoon & evening) and 4th (2 shows, afternoon & evening)