Storm Raging

The storm is raging outside – but, so far, Moville has stood up to it.

There’s nothing to report in the River Row and I haven’t heard of any major damage elsewhere.

It was at this time last year that Lough Foyle and the River Bredagh were flowing down the street of the River Row and back gardens were being flooded there. In a couple of cases the water got into the houses.

Shore Path Damage

Major damage was done to the shore path. Luckily, Martin Farren was able to get onto Labour Junior Minister Alan Kelly to tell him about the damage and Moville ended up with a lot of money to get it fixed.

Don McGinley’s film of the storm appeared on an RTE programme with the Finance Minister who said that help needed to be given.

Between the two of them, Martin and Don, they managed to get Central Government to cough up the money for the shore path.

River Row Damage

Also, down at the River Row they managed to get put in a whole load of massive rocks which has raised the shoreline and will take the sting out of waves.

Residents normally get a few days each winter when plastic bottles are washed up with the seaweed onto the bottom of their lawns.

This year not one plastic bottle or strand of seaweed has got through so far – including last night.

Luckier with the Storm

As someone said, we are a bit luckier with the storm this year .Last year it coincided with very high tides. This year the tides have not been at their peak.

Of course, it’s not over yet and there will be high winds all day only abating during the night.

I haven’t been down the shore path to see if there has been any damage there. Martin Farren and others will be crossing their fingers that the fixes applied last year stand up to the storm and that other areas not broken last year stand up to the storm too.

However, it is so far, so good.