Inishowen Oil Prices

I’ve had a look about the internet and these appear to be lowest heating oil prices at the moment in Donegal.

They are Swilly Fuels prices:-

Home Heating Oil

Heating Oil

I remember paying €850 for 1,000 litres of heating oil and now you can get nearly 1,500 for that.

This is good news indeed for people around here – especially after Christmas.

It used to be that you used to nearly have to take out a bank loan to buy your heating oil for the winter.

Prices will come down too.

Shop Around

They have fallen recently on the international market and this is not yet fully reflected in the local heating oil prices.

It really does pay to shop around when buying your heating oil as some companies still have 1,000 litres at €625 – €36 more than Swilly.

That’s the price of a good night out.


We’ve been told that Inishowen Oil has 500 litres of heating oil at €310 – fiver cheaper that Swilly Fuels. However, they are dearer for 1,000 litres at €600.