Schools Out

It’s a Snow Day tomorrow in Moville – or is it a Storm Day.

The whoops of delight could be heard in houses all over Moville and the rest of the area as the news was given to the schoolkids after the parents were texted with the news.

Some outlying areas are still covered in snow.

Stormy Weather

Also, stormy weather is predicted for tonight in Moville.

With the state of that lower building at the Moville Community College, it might even be dangerous to be inside it with the stormy weather, which has already started.

So, there will be no kids at school tomorrow.

Not Many Today

It seems that there weren’t many today either.

The schoolkids were told to come in at 12 midday today but those that did had very little work to do, as many of the schoolkids  didn’t come in.

It’s just a shame that tomorrow will keep them all inside on their Storm Day.

It will have to be a TV Day – unless they fancy a bit of studying!