Moville Community College

The snow isn’t really lying in the town in Moville. We can see it in the hills across the water and I’m told outside Moville the snow is lying.

However, as there is virtually no snow on the ground outside our house I thought that school was sure to be open.

So, I got my son up and dressed and out the door.

CraicOn in the Snow

Snowball Effect

About 20 minutes later I saw a snowball hit our window. I knew immediately he was back again. Had he forgotten something?

No, he said the school was off till midday. It seems that there are problems getting into Moville from some areas.

The weather forecast says that the snow will stop today – to be replaced by high winds.

We’ll look forward to that.

Snow Day in Moville

Meanwhile the schoolchildren have half a Snow Day.

I’m sure they would rather have a full day off but there’s a bonus for them in that, if they had a full Snow Day, it would have had to come off their summer holidays.

This way they have a half day off school but still get their full allocation of summer holiday.


I’ve just seen on the Calendar on Moville Community College’s website that the school will re-open at 11:30am.