Strong Winds

Memories of this time last year when the storm hit Moville are coming back tonight.

Last year the Bredagh River / Lough Foyle was flowing down the River Row and the Bay Field was flooded. The shore wall path was wrecked.

Tonight winds of up to 150 kilometres an hour are predicted to hit Ireland with Donegal one of the worst to be hit.

Rosatos Closed

The schools will be closed and Rosatos has taken the decision to close its doors tonight – which is normally a busy night.

It’s time to batten down the hatches.

The storm has already started but the worst time will be in the morning as dawn breaks.

The worst areas affected are supposed to be in coastal areas and in hill areas.

Shore Path

The Shore Path could be hit again. River Row residents will be nervous.

It’s probably wise that Moville Community College is going to be shut as that lower building might be vulnerable.

Make sure you have your candles at the ready as the electricity normally goes out in storms around here. Get your coal in as well.

We’ll see what happens tonight and tomorrow.