Redcastle Property Prices

It would be difficult to tell what the property market is doing in terms of prices in Redcastle.

The reason is that not a single house or flat was sold there in 2014 according to the National Register.

There were 5 sold in 2012 and 6 sold in 2013.

People in Redcastle will be beginning to forget what Leo and the others look like now.

Heavily Down

The prices in Redcastle were heavily down in 2013 compared to 2012.

Average house prices were €135,000 in 2012 and €72,000 in 2013.

That looks like a massive fall. However, it is distorted by one house selling for €300,000.

If you took that out then the average in 2012 was €75,000 – so 2013 was only slightly down.

No Idea

With only 11 houses sold in those two years data gets distorted.

And we have no idea if prices are going up and down there as none have been sold since Chalet 2 was sold at the Redcastle Hotel in December 2013.

Maybe nobody wants to sell there!