One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

I don’t know whether it is a cold or flu but there is certainly one of them flying around Moville this festive period.

There always seems to be some bug racing around at this time.

It’s possibly because there are people coming to Moville from about 40 or 50 locations and if just one of those locations has a bug going round it will be brought to Moville too.


It hit me on Saturday morning when I woke up shivering and shaking. We’ve all had it.

It’s not that the symptoms are vert bad. It is just very debilitating. You have no energy at all.

It’s just as well that we don’t have much to do at this time of the year except sit around and watch TV – but even that seems to be tiring.

Perhaps people coming home for Christmas should do a day or two in quarantine (just kidding).

In Sickness and in Health

I don’t get sick very much but I’ve been ill over the Christmas period in two of the last three years. Indeed two years ago I had to turn down my Christmas dinner and all I ate that day was a bit of dry bread.

It kind of puts a  damper on the Christmas period – and it is at a time when the doctor’s are closed too.

Still, it feels like one of those bugs that just disappears after a few days.

I wish it would hurry up!