Moville to Greenock

Around a dozen or so people de-camped from Moville and went over to Greenock for the wedding of Joanna Sutherland and Paddy Docherty. Many stayed in the Tontine Hotel in Greenock where the reception was held.

Joanna and Paddy have been frequent visitors to Moville and even considered getting married here.

It was one of those ‘three-day’ weddings. there were 170 invitees. We all got together on the Friday night in the Tontine. The ceremony took place at 1:30pm on the Saturday and then everyone went back to the Tontine for a champagne reception. The speeches started at 4:30pm and lasted all evening.

Christmas Theme

The layout had a Christmas theme. Our table was the It’s A Wonderful Life table. I went to bed at around 2am but got back up at 4am only to find about 20 people still up playing the guitar and singing.

The next day, most of us just spent in the Tontine, telling old stories from old times and having a great laugh. Some went off to Joanna’s parent’s house on Sunday evening where people took turns on the guitar. I stayed at the Tontine to meet Bobby Does Dylan to discuss next year’s DylanFest.

Here’s some of the pictures from the Tontine.

Tontine Hotel, Greenock

Joanna Docherty and Paddy Docherty




Tontine function Room

Tontine Function room