Major Storm

Batten down the hatches. The weather hasn’t been great over the last few days. It has been dark, wet and gloomy – but it is about to get much worse.

A major storm, with winds of up to 70 miles an hour, is heading to Moville.

This will give a first major test for Moville’s flood defences down the River Row. In January this year the Lough / Bredagh River was flowing down the street of the River Row.

Shore Walk

It will also show us how the shore walk repairs stand up to a major storm. Will all that money spent on it be wasted? Will the storms simply take away the new parts of the shore path – or take away other bits of it?

Anything you need to do or get, do or get today before the storm comes. If you need to get food for a couple of days go to the shops now and stock up.

It might be dangerous to be out and about tomorrow.

I think it may be payback for all the good weather that we have had this year.

What the hell!

It’s nearly Christmas!