Christmas Tree Quiz

Remember the Christmas Tree Quiz that used to always take place in the Town Clock every year? There used to be a big crowd?

Now, they have moved it to Rosatos. It will take place on Friday starting at 10pm.

The Christmas Tree and Santa’s visit to the Grotto in the square of Moville, giving all the kids a free set of gifts all, all costs money.

Great Tradition

It’s a great tradition but it costs several thousand Euros a year to run. Lights and equipment  have to be replaced annually. Cherry pickers and cranes and lorries need to be hired annually. Insurance costs are rising all the time.

So, if this great tradition is to survive, they need to get a good turnout for the Christmas Quiz in Rosatos.

My favourite question, ever, at the Christmas quiz was “If Jesus was the Messiah, who was the King”?

“Herod” I told the team to put down.

When it came time for the answers, the quizmaster said “Three teams put Herod for the King – but that is not correct and they didn’t score any points”.

So who was it then? Who was the King?

We soon knew.

The King and I

The quizmaster announced “Everyone knows that Elvis was The King”.

As it was Christmas, and for a good cause, he narrowly avoided a lynching.

It’s always good craic and a lot of fun – with lots of great prizes donated by local businesses. If you are not doing anything this Friday get down to Rosatos – and you’ll enjoy Santa’s visit to Moville and the lights been turned on at the Christmas tree knowing that you have contributed to it.

And you’ll have a lot of fun at the quiz too.