Folk & Trad Weekend

There’s going to be a great weekend of Trad music in Moville & Greencastle coming up this weekend.

The Sean Ti have a whole host of great Trad & Folk players coming from Scotland, England and Northern Ireland to play this weekend.

They will play seisuns on Friday and Saturday night there. If anyone wants to play they should come along. Everyone is welcome. Bring your tin flute and join in.

Rosatos Seisun

Rosatos is also having a top night of music for the TradFest on Saturday night. The world-renowned Clodagh Warnock will be playing. Clodagh used to be part of top trad band Granta. She toured America three times with them and made three albums.

It’s to Moville’s great advantage that the South Derry girl has decided to settle down in Moville and keeps her eye in with seisuns in the area every so often.

She will bring a great set of musicians including Paddy the Shoe.

Rawdons Seisun

Paddy will also be playing a Trad & Folk set on the Friday night in Rawdons.

So, Movillians and Greencastlites (or whatever they are called) will have a choice of Trad music on both the Friday and Saturday nights.

It should be another great weekend.