For many years now I’ve been drinking Guinness on a Saturday night….only because my good doctor advised such almost 17 years ago. Otherwise I’d be supping on water. But under the Doctor’s orders I stick to the black stuff. However I do like a little blackcurrant in the Guinness (also suggested by the same doctor). The complication here is that my partner also drinks Guinness, but doesn’t like the blackcurrant. So when the bar person gets the drinks mixed up, it doesn’t settle well with himself!
This mix up has happened on many an occasion and it’s one which is so easily done. And no fault of the bar person!
However, last Saturday night one of the local barmen came up with a genius idea! On my Guinness he simply designed the letter B….and even put an O on the other… mix up’s again….Noel ye are a genius….I guess we always knew it. I always said we had the best bar persons in The Squealing Pig, Muff, now they’ve gone a step further. Guinness with a B…that’ll be mine, thanks!