Job Takers

I was reading an article this morning which said that many low-skilled jobs will disappear over the next 30 years to be replaced by automation.

I read another article, recently, which said that the skies will be full of drones in 10 years time. Everybody knows about the drones that the American military and others use to spy on people and to deliver bombs on targets.

Like many things developed for the military, drones are now likely to be used commercially. There was trouble at a recent Albania v Serbia football match when an Albanian fan hired a drone to pull an Albanian flag just above pitch level.

More Drones

It seems that we will be seeing more and more of these drones. You may not want them to pull a flag for you but they could deliver your shopping.

Gillen’s could have a kind of heliport out the back where the drones land and are loaded up to take the shopping to their customers.

Instead of “Do you want a hand out to your car?” they could be told, “No just send it by drone”.


It seems that the drones can be programmed to avoid impact with other drones, buildings or people on the ground.

When you order by catalogue, Argos could just stick it onto a drone and send it to you.

If you go shopping in Derry, instead of carrying it all around, you could just send it home by drone and then go for a bite to eat.

Take Me Home Drone

Perhaps the drone could even take you home. Instead of Santa and his reindeer the skies could be full of people and shopping whizzing about.

Do you like this Brave New World or do you loathe it?

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