Caiseal Mara

I looked in at the Caiseal Mara yesterday to find out if they had managed to get an act for the Parton with Cash festival this weekend.

They told me that someone had come into the hotel and asked for a gig tonight saying he was a Johnny Cash impersonator or tribute act.

They hired him but they couldn’t remember his name.

So, the Johnny Cash tribute act will be playing in the Caiseal Mara tonight.

Tomorrow Paul Jack will be playing there.

He does a lot of country so I imagine he’ll be doing lots of Johnny Cash.

It’s nice to see the Caiseal Mara being involved with Parton With Cash.

They are going to be in the DylanFest and BeatlesFest next year.

Indeed they’ve already booked their act for the DylanFest.

But more of that another time.

It’s Parton with Cash this weekend.