Last weekend I was very fortunate to be at a wedding which will live long in my memory. There are many reasons for this but one must surely be the inhibitions of a young 16 year old man! The certain chap came over to our ‘head table’ shortly after the meal and said ‘hi’ to everyone. And then he proceeded to each individual and asked if he could take a ‘selfie’ with each and every one. There was the bride and groom, the brides parents, the grooms parents, the bridesmaid, the best woman and lastly there was the priest….surely he wouldn’t ask the priest!!! As if!! No bother to the young man, over he goes and gets his selfie with the elderly priest! The said pics are now on ‘my’ phone but alas are for private viewing only. Well maybe we could share one!
bride n groom ult
But I, and everyone else present, admire the confidence and social ability of this young man. ‘Selfies’ were the rage on the day! And everyone enjoyed having theirs taken with that handsome, trendy young dude!