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Well that’s not very Irish

I am loading up my car for Renaissance Fair in Minnesota. The last weekend is dubbed an Irish Weekend called ‘Shamrocks and Shenanigans’. It is held on a 140 acre plot of land outside of the metro area. My dancers love it. Here are two reasons why I don’t want to go.

Like a mantra my Belfast born mom will chant “That’s not very Irish” ALL weekend long. Loudly. The porta-potties are not Irish, the food is not Irish and the Irish would not a)wear that b)drink that c)sing like that and where-are-the-bagpipes? I point out to her all weekend long daggers, broad swords, long blades, fencing, and jousting. “Mom, everyone here is heavily armed, we have to behave ourselves.” It falls on deaf ears and we stick out like sore thumbs in our Aran Sweaters.

Maid to Order

I used to dress up. I still bring a vintage forest green mohair cloak from Teal Traina. We are requited to look authentic for the times – sorta. No matter how I try or what I wear I get mixed up for a
a)milkmaid b)scullery maid c)general wench. I walk near a food booth and people just assume it’s my shift. I’ve been handed tankards to clear tables. Children have been left in my care while their parents go in search of mead. My mom and I get called saucy wenches but we kinda like that.

We would really like to be FAIRIES. Many of the family on the Quin side are said to be very fey. Great costumes and you only have to know one tune and children love you. You have a lot of fruit on your head so you can walk around and eat all day. We could never be fairies because the fairies at this Renaissance Fair DON’T TALK.


I don’t know about me but my mom would make a pretty good PIRATE. She had a budgie named Kelly for a long time and they were quite fond of each other. I could easily see her upgrading to a parrot for Renaissance Festival. I just don’t think my mom should be heavily armed.


Nobility strikes a raw chord in my family. We will just skip being knighted in the Kings arbor this weekend. But I would secretly like to be a falconer. There is something wonderful about this bond.

MN13 Judy and Artemis Ren Fest 705_3159FLACONER

When all is said and done, my mom always says that we are very Irish and that’s enough for me. Let the craic begin this weekend.