Street Buskers

I’ve always thought it was a good idea to have street buskers to play in the main square and Malin Road during the DylanFest. Now, it looks as if it is going to happen this year.

I had a conversation with Paddy Devren in Maguires today and he asked why there were no buskers. Well, now there are. Paddy is going to do it himself and get some musicians from Derry down here to help out. Any musicians from Moville who want to do it are welcome too.

Rosatos and Maguires have given their permission for the buskers to play outside their pubs during the day. Paddy is looking for other spots too.

If you want to busk in Moville get in touch with Paddy or just ask the pubs – or just pick a spot and go for it.

No Daytime Music

During the BeatlesFest someone said to me in the car park that quite a few people had stopped her in the square and asked her “Where’s the BeatlesFest”. With the only daytime events scheduled for the Putting Green Cafe which was closed because of the rain.

Now, that’s not a problem. Maguires are going to do an Open Mic from 4pm each day and there will be the street buskers as well as the Putting Green Cafe, weather permitting.

And then there’s the night-time events……

It sounds like a lot of fun.