Caiseal Mara

The builders are in and working in the Caiseal Mara and knocking it into shape for its opening. There had been talk that the Caiseal Mara would never reopen and, even when the family moved in, people said it would be months before it is opened.

However, we have it on reasonably good authority that the Caiseal Mara is to open in two weeks time. It was thought that they might open the bar and restaurant only as they are in good condition and open the hotel later.

However, it seems that they are going to open 12 of its 45 rooms. I think that the previous owners only did up 16 of the rooms and it is presumed that the best of these will be used.

That’s great news for the town. They might even be back open for the BeatlesFest in two weeks time. They’ll certainly be open for the DylanFest in 5 weeks time. There were indications that they might take part in both. We’ll have to see.