Caiseal Mara

Many people were predicting that the Caiseal Mara would never open again. That’s even after hearing news that it had been bought at auction in Dublin.

However, it now looks certain that it will be open soon with the owners already having got the keys and moved in.

However, I’ve been told by one source that it isn’t likely to be open any time soon. In fact I’ve been told that it is likely to be a few months before it is open.

Summer Season

I don’t know if that is just the hotel part or the bar and restaurant as well. I’d heard, originally, that they reckoned they might open the bar and restaurant sooner. They reckoned it would only take about a week to knock them into shape.

The new owner, Ciaran McKenna, has his own Construction company and would know how much it would take to knock it into shape.

Still, it’s good news that it is opening again. It would be good if they could manage to catch a bit of the summer season which ends in August.