Caiseal Mara Opening

It has been a long running saga but the indications are that the Caiseal Mara will open shortly.

CraicOn have it on pretty good authority that the keys are about to (or have been) handed over.

The lights were on yesterday and people were inside.

They originally wanted to open it for St. Patrick’s Day but there were problems with the lawyers for the auctioneers.

Then there was potential problems with the council.

All Sorted Out

However, it looks as if it is all sorted out (one hopes so anyway)..

Moville’s season starts today on the 12th when people from Northern Ireland flood in till the end of August. That’s only 51 days to make money that will help tide over local businesses for the rest of the year.

They reckoned originally that it would only take about a week to knock it into good enough shape to open at least the restaurant and bar. Time is ticking on this season and every day closed will be revenue missed.

Let’s hope that it can be opened shortly.

BeatlesFest / DylanFest

The programmes for the BeatlesFest and DylanFest will be finalised in the next few days. there had been indications that they wanted to take part in those. However, they wanted to get open first before taking any bookings.

Moville has missed the Caiseal Mara.