With the Maritime Festival well and truly underway in Derry this weekend, the city has come alive. Whilst walking along the Quay on Saturday night, it was both stunning and very continental. One could have been walking in any European city. Such was the buzz, atmosphere and feel of the city this weekend. People are enjoying the sunshine and enjoying the music and culture that is in Derry. DSC_7927 (2)
With market stalls along the quay and music at every corner, Derry is gearing up for one of its highlights of 2014. The Derry, Londonderry Clipper is due to arrive in Derry tomorrow to a hero’s welcome. The Derry Clipper is the first to win a home race in the history of the Clipper race. Derry will be bursting with pride as the yacht sails into harbour tomorrow.
The festivities will continue in Derry throughout the coming week and the Clipper yachts will draw much attention.DSC_7963 (2) Enjoy the experience of Derry over the coming days and one could easily be strolling the French coastline, the Italian islands or indeed Costa del Sol. But this is Derry at it’s best. So make the most of it!