According to the world’s women, the Irish accent is the sexiest in the world.

Indeed, the study found that 60% of women said that an accent could seduce them and 40% said they would rather sleep with a man with a nice accent than a harsh one.

There you are fellas, get yourself abroad and start talking. Your accent alone will give you a head start on the others.


Third for Scottish is not bad but maybe I’ll have to start to develop more of an Irish twang when abroad.

When I was in America most people thought I was Irish anyway. I remember one time a barmaid came up to me and said “I’ve had a bet with my friend. She says you are English and I said you are Irish. Which are you?”

I said “I’m actually Scottish” to which she replied after some hesitation “So which of us has won the bet then?”.

I do remember one girl in America said to me “I could listen to your accent all day”. Unfortunately she was with her husband at the time.

Here are the world’s top 10.

World’s Sexiest Accents


1. Irish


2. Italian


3. Scottish


4. French


5. Australian


6. English


7. Swedish


8. Spanish


9. Welsh


10. American