It looks a quality musical programme over the holiday period at Rosatos. Here’s the line-up:-
Sat 21st ~ Savage Henry
Sun 22nd ~ Bullrush (Christmas Jumper night)
Fri 27th ~ James & Roisin (back from America)
Sat 28th ~ Damien Sheridan

The Acts

Savage Henry are the duo which has the guy on double bass. and the singer / guitarist who you would think was Moville’s top singer, James McIvor, if you had your eyes closed.

It’s Christmas Jumper night on the Sunday night in Rosatos. There’s expected to be a big crowd for it with it doubling as the Rosatos staff party. That great duo from Derry, Bulrush, who played the Sunday night of the DylanFest in Rosatos and the Saturday night of the RocktoberFest there too.

James & Roisin are young James McDonald (ex of James & Niamh) who is making a big reputation for himself in Moville for his musical ability on both guitar and drums.

Roisin is Roisin Carlin, who did well in the Voice of Ireland. She has just come back from America and is available again.

Then there’s the incomparable Damien Sheridan who hands out sheets of paper with the songs he sings on them so that people can make requests.

It looks like a good musical Christmas this year. It’s feeling Christmasy already.