Sunrise, the takeaway in Muff village, has made a huge impression on the locals over recent weeks but tonight surpassed all! Having been running to the Foyle Cup all week and eating healthy around the kiddo, we decided that on completion of a great week, tonight we’d have an Indian.

Came home from Limavady, following a crazy thunderstorm there, and a great game of footie, we find the electric off in Muff. So without thinking we drive to Sunrise on the off chance they may have electric (duhhh). Like ourselves they were in darkness…BUT they were still cooking. Curry, chips and burgers were available. The only light they had was that of a phone! These lads worked closely and managed to cook, serve and chat in these crazy circumstances. Friendly as always.

So home we came with our chicken tikka masala, pilau rice and chips and it couldn’t have tasted any better had it been cooked in daylight. Divine inspiration shone down as I left Sunrise and the electric returned. So we were able to see the food whilst eating it at home.

Fair play to you guys and great to see such determination to please your customers. We shall return! Probably more often than we should!