We were told that there was going to be a major surprise when Spring Tides played their farewell gig in The Trawlerman last night and there was. It seems that The Trawlerman had paid the air fare for band member Luke McGuinness to return from abroad (Switzerland I think) where he is now working. That made 4 last night as he joined Ronan Hepburn, Gerard McGonagle and James O’Donnell. I think there might have been a fifth person playing but I couldn’t see from where I was standing near the bar.

And how the Trawlerman was rewarded last night with a huge crowd to see the farewell performance of a band who took Moville by storm. I had a brief estimate of the people there and there must have been close to two hundred. You don’t often get a crowd of that size for a gig in Moville on an ordinary Saturday night.

There were people there that you don’t see out that much. But who could stay away when Spring Tides were playing their last gig?

They were magnificent again and great crowd pleasers. They will be missed. It seems a shame that they broke up at their peak. They were selling their new CD last night so at least people have a memory of the great days.

The only reason I left was because it was becoming too difficult to get a drink with queues three deep at the bar. It seems a shame that a band that can fill a bar the size of The Trawlerman has had to split up. However, they have had to go their separate ways to all parts of the globe to pursue careers and get work.

They leave great memories behind though.