Uomo Senza Nome

A few years ago a guy who went under the Facebook name of Uomo Senza Nome got in touch with me to say he was coming to the DylanFest. He was coming from North America. He said he had been to one previously. I said that I would keep an eye out for him – but what was I to keep a lookout for? I didn’t know his name and didn’t know what he looked like.

So, I looked around during Al Diesen’s gig on the Saturday in Rosatos for anyone who looked American. I would then go and stand close to them to see if they had an American accent. There were a few Americans but they obviously weren’t him for various reasons.

The next day he contacted me on Facebook’s Messenger to say what a great time he had. I said that I thought that he was having us on, that he wasn’t even there. So, he sent me a picture of Al Diesen in Rosatos from the night before.

So, he was there.

The Man Without a Name

I then wondered what the name Uomo Senza Nome meant so I tried Google translate to translate from Italian into English. It means The Man Without a Name.

That was pretty apt as he had not revealed his name to anyone.

So, he went without my making his acquaintance.

He contacted me recently via Facebook to say he was coming over to this year’s DylanFest.

However it took me a while to click as he was operating under a new Facebook name.

Dominic El Perro

He was now Dominic El Perro. It was back to Google translate again for me and I discovered that it translated to Dominic the Dog and a dog is pictured on the page. However, there are no pictures of The Man Without a Name on the Dominic El Perro page.

However, he told me, and this was a week ago that he had already started his journey over to Moville’s DylanFest from Malibu. He said he had passed by the gates of Dylan’s home in Malibu and was flying to Chicago where he would attend a Bruce Springsteen concert as he made his way slowly here.

It seems that he will arrive on Thursday morning in Dublin and will get a bus from there to here.

Opening Night in McGettigan’s

He intends attending the opening night Open Mic in McGettigan’s on Thursday kicking off at 8pm.

He said :- “I brought some heavens door straight bourbon if you want to join me for some”.

It seems that this is Dylan’s Bourbon.

US Dylan Bands

It seems he has been talking to some Dylan bands in America about coming here for the DylanFest to play. It seems they are keen to do it but paying to bring their equipment over is a problem. I’m sure we can sort them out with equipment here.

I don’t know if many of you remember that there was a Canadian who played here who got permission to put on his Dylan musical by Bob Dylan himself.

Well, it seems that it was Uomo Senza Nome who told him about our DylanFest.

Sharing Malibu with Dylan

He said recently “near malibu this week…I wonder if I can drop off an invite to Dylan for the festival to his home”.

I told him that would be great. I must ask him if he actually did do that. If so, then Dylan would know about our festival in Moville.

Paul McCartney knows about our BeatlesFest. It seems that Tony Bramwell, the Beatles road manager, who has been to 6 BeatlesFests here used to make a report to Paul and Rinkgo every year after he attended them.

Indeed while sitting outside Rosatos Tony sent a picture of the Toucan there and his pint of Guinness to Paul who came back immediately to say “lucky b*****d”.

Bob Dylan and The Man Without a Name

I still don’t know what The Man Without a Face looks like. Will he be in McGettigan’s on Thursday night or is this just another trick? Will he be sitting at home in Malibu laughing at us once again – or will he be sitting in McGettigan’s on Thursday night for the opening night for the Dylan Open Mic and barbecue?

And how come he knows so much about Dylan and they have both been in residence in Malibu recently – a coincidence I suppose.