If you’ve walked along the Greenway recently you will have seen the colour that is floral bloom and information about trees and the surround on standing posts. It’s a real delight to take in at this beautiful autumnal time of year.

However, some felt it was ok to uproot those standing posts with information on top, and leave the Greenway with exposed holes and those very posts lying in a mess.

Clearly an act of vandalism has been carried out last weekend and has upset many people. Many of us walk the Greenway on a daily basis and feel it is not only a beautiful place to walk, but a safe place too.

This vandalism is not acceptable by our local community and village and has upset many folk just knowing someone in our locality is capable of doing such.

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding this, please do contact the Garda. Stay vigilant when out walking and report any unruly behaviour observed.

Many thanks to Cathal who took time yesterday and fixed the work uprooted and has left the Greenway looking fabulous once again. It took Cathal over 4 hours to complete the task – such was the extremity of the vandals work. Huge thanks Cathal from everyone in the village. Your hard work is very appreciated.