BeatlesFest Programme

BeatlesFest Acts

The Brothers Broke

Sold out with their show When Judas Met John at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, about how Bob Dylan and the Beatles influenced each other, they will be premiering their new show Sitting on a Cornflake in Moville, looking at John and Paul’s songwriting relationship, before unleashing it at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Show where it is already sold out.

Acoustic Vibes

Fresh from their successful shows at Derry’s Clipper Festival on the Acoustic Stage, lifelong Beatles fans, Acoustic Vibes, are looking forward to playing Moville’s BeatlesFest on the Lough.

Michael Thomas

New Yorker, Michael Thomas, is a virtuoso guitarist. Played regularly with Henry McCullough, the only Irish man to play Woodstock.

Egon Callery

Durchman, Egon Callery, will not only play a Beatles set in he Corner Bar on Sunday night but he will be welcoming anyone who wants to play at the Open Mic following on afterwards. If you want to play just let him know.

Kevin and Conor

This is a top local act and although they are in exalted company they can easily hold their own. They do a great version of Octopus’s Garden.

BeatlesFest Programme

Friday July 29th

10pm – McGettigans – Conor Gillespie

10pm – Corner Bar – Brothers Broke

Saturday 30th

10pm – Corner Bar – Acoustic Vibes

10pm – McGettigan’s – Conor and Kevin

10:30 – Rosatos – Michael Thomas

10pm – Rawdons – Brothers Broke

Sunday 31st July

8:30 – Sean Ti – Brothers Broke

7:00 – Corner Bar – Egon followed by Open Mic

10:00 – Rosatos – Acoustic Vibes