You can’t have driven through Muff over the past couple of weeks at night and not noticed the Christmas lights in the form of 22 Christmas trees. Spanning the whole way from the Red Cross building to The Treehouse. The entire village is looking very festive indeed.

Muff’s wise men!!!

And this work has been one in progress since last Christmas. As a village we may have just noticed it from the ‘switch-on’ but for the people involved it has been in the making since last Christmas. In fact it’s been in the making since Christmas 2019. Last year saw the village light up with 10 trees. This year it has more than doubled.

And this is not done by Santa magic or Elven magic dust. It has been created from the hard work, dedication and community spirit that is alive and well here in Muff. Perhaps that really is the true magic of Christmas!!

Damien McLaughlin and his ‘merry/wise men’ have been very hard at work all of this time. With sponsorship from many local businesses and indeed beyond the local area, Damien and his crew have built the big tree, worked hard putting up the smaller trees and continually getting businesses to support and fund the décor that we now see in the village.

The main ‘big tree’ was built right here in Muff and the smaller ones are the craft of a Culdaff based craftsman. But it really is the community spirit and the help of those volunteering that have helped make this happen. Prior to last year, there was always the work involved in getting a ‘tree’ and getting it set up. Then it had to be disposed of. Damien and his crew built the steel tree and it is there for use year after year from hereon. Fabulous work.

Businesses which have helped make this possible include: Texaco Muff; North West Memorials; Muff Red Cross; Halo Hairdressing; Maxol/Spar Muff; The Treehouse Bar and Restaurant; Ollie & Mels Boutique; Tony McCauley/Finnegans; Tank & Skinny’s; Dermot McKenna; Centra Muff; Muff Barbers; Village Cafe; Squealing Pig; Borderland Muff; McColgans Butchers; Inish Pharmacy; Harkins Shop; Central Motors; McErlean’s Fuels. Without the support of these, none of this would have been possible.

Without Damien and his team of ‘merry/wise men’ it would undoubtedly never have happened. In times like we are currently living, people need something to make them smile. Something to make them feel part of a community, and this is doing exactly that.

So as you walk/drive through Muff over the coming days and weeks, take time to thank the folk who have given their time and their skills to make Muff shine this festive period.

Next year it is destined to shine even brighter with more trees to be added then. The festive spirit is alive and well right here in Muff and the Elven magic is alive and well with these very hard-working ‘wise men’. It took three wise men on that first Christmas…..we’ve got more than that. And if you want to be part of the crew for next year, just let them know, as many hands make light work, and there’s nothing better than seeing folk come together and support their community.

Thanks to Damien and his crew for giving us all a reason to smile this Christmas. That crew include: Danny McCallion; Daniel Allen/ Allen Transport; Bobby Allen; Hugh Monaghan; Bernard Taggart; Justin McLaughlin; Kevin Lynch (electrician); Mark McColgan; Matthew Walsh; Aiden Lynch and Liam McColgan – Muff’s wise men!!!