If you haven’t noticed the clean roads and side walks all around our parish these past few days, you really need to go to Specsavers. Our local GAA had an idea, and that idea became a reality with the help of it’s members and the people of our community and parish.

Everyone is very quick to complain about the rubbish along our public roads and especially large amounts of rubbish dumped along our roads. However, not everyone is as quick to go out and clean it up. But that all changed with a simple post asking for some help by Naomh Padraig GAA earlier this week. Families, friends and parish folk took areas and spent time lifting the litter and leaving our streets and roads a delight to travel along.

Young and not-so-young were out in all weathers these past few days – they weathered sunshine, rain, hail, snow and wind. All in the name of community spirit.

Huge well done to each and every one of you who has helped brighten our parish roadsides. Thanks to the GAA for initiating this and encouraging its members and more to come out and help clean. It really is a wonderful sight to see the entire area litter-free.

Remember that bins are for litter, our roads are NOT.

Thank you from all the community and parish to all the wonderful folk who made this possible.