Boxed Hampers is a new and very exciting small business here in the village. Amid all the turmoil of the past 13 months, an opportunity has arisen for many small businesses to pop up; cheese platter business, fudge business, wax melts business, perfume and home business, and many more. I mention the above as they all very nicely gifted me some of their ware to sample. And none of it disappointed. But alas, a little magic appeared on my doorstep today. Magic in the shape of a brown cardboard box, wrapped in string and secured with a sprig of lavender. Sounds rather basic, but it in fact is extremely elegant. Simplicity sometimes speaks volumes. And this spoke high pitch!

I didn’t know what to expect within. I had simply seen the page on facebook the other day, but didn’t really pay much attention. (Sorry M!!) Opening the box earlier today I got a rather delightful surprise. Inside was equally as simply packaged but oh tastefully so, with a host of quite simply ‘self-care’ products. And all from local small business too. Wax melts, face mask, bath salts, fudge and more. I love the idea of the herbal tea there too. A big fan of such I certainly am.

Boxed Hampers is only just starting out and if you check them out you might just see what a great idea it really is. Birthday present, feel-good gift, self treat, hen-party gift, engagement gift, friendship gift and many more occasions this will work for. With so much emphasis at present on well-being and self-care, these boxes will provide just that.

Check out Boxed Hampers on Facebook – give them a wee ‘like’ and you might just decide that you deserve a wee treat all for yourself. I’m off to treat me with my treats now……