A number of concerned local residents have asked Craic On Muff to highlight what is currently happening in relation to the proposed Asphalt Plant.

‘ A date has been set by the council for the 23rd of April to make a decision on the plant planning permission. On the 5th of March, 112 pages of new submissions were made in relation to the planning application. The council have not requested that this be resubmitted into the local papers and therefore no further objections can be made. What has come out of the 112 pages is that 19,000 lorry loads of product will be coming and going off the site in Gortnaskea onto the R259 muff to Burnfoot road. 19,000! The volume of traffic on that road is already high, never mind adding 19000 maneuvers of large heavy lorry’s onto and off a small regional road. Then we have the emissions created by the 2500 tonnes of Asphalt.

Residents in the area now want to ask local representatives to represent their concerns to the council.

There are two calls to action, people need to contact their local representative in writing to ask that they request that the planning office have Moyle Plant resubmit into the local press the planning application. This then opens the objection process for local people to object. If planning is granted, only objections made in writing to the council can be used in the appeal process to An Bord Pleanala.

The original application included less information than has now been added on the 5th of March. The council have repeatedly given time extensions to Moyle Plant to submit more information to support their application.

We need to be able to respond to this additional information so that when this comes before An Bord Pleanala, we can call on our new objections as part of our appeal. At the moment we cannot add to our original objection letter as the time has passed. We can only object again if a notice appears in the paper and the council reopen the objection process.

Below are details of some of the additional information that was added on March 5th 2021 and as you will see, it is substantial. The traffic volume was not listed in the original statement. Over 19,000 Lorry Loads of material will be coming into and out of the Site off the R239 creating major pollution and danger to local residents and road users of this narrow road which is used to connect Inishowen and your constituents to the rest of Donegal.

There is a lot of information in the 112 pages in relation to the emissions being well dispersed as they will be coming out of a 18 meter high chimney. These emissions are toxic. We could go on and on but the second call to action is to contact the planning department on 0749153900 on Friday from 9am till 12.30pm, to speak to the planning officer to request that they allow the people the opportunity to object to the submissions made. The planning reference is 2050159.’

If you wish to join in the support of the local residents in opposing this Asphalt plant, contact the above number and make your voice heard.

You can also communicate with like-minded locals at the facebook page: South Inishowen against Asphalt Plant.