Small local businesses are starting up all over at present. In a time of such uncertainty, it’s a real sign of Hope watching people embark upon a new venture and one which signifies that all important light at the end of the tunnel.

One such new business is ‘Health, Home & Beauty by Helena’. Selling affordable and fabulous fragrances, skin care, hair care & home care. Craic On Muff got to sample a number of the fragrances and yes, they live up to the description. They’re affordable and they’re smelling mighty fine too. Tried and tested so far are #21 (Chanel No. 5 and #5 (Gucci Rush).

Often a reduced costing scent can smell ‘cheap’. This does everything but. And the Chanel and Gucci ones I shall be continuing to use. Well worth checking out now as many budgets are smaller than before.

In a time of mass unemployment and uncertainty surrounding work restarting. it is a time to cut back on spending and shop affordable brands. Here with Helena you are buying a very similar scent to that on the high street, but at a much more affordable price. Not only shopping local and supporting a small business, but also saving on the spending too! It’s a win win.

Helena is part of FM UK brand cosmetics and homecare and might just have something in stock for you.

Check out her facebook page and instagram pages where you can then be directed to a catalogue with availability and costs. You won’t know if you don’t try.

Check out Health, Home & Beauty by Helena now.