Have you felt the Covid finger pointing yet? Me too…

As parents we teach our children not to point. It’s bad manners. As adults we try not to point as it normally means anger is rising. Not a nice trait. As adults we also tend to point the invisible finger in judgement. Really not a nice trait.

“Let he without sin cast the first stone.” A biblical reference we all know from childhood. And yet we continue to cast that first stone. We cast it without really stopping to think.

Prior to my getting a positive Covid result a couple of weeks ago I was under ‘restricted movements’. I had tested negative. Another member of my household tested positive and was ‘isolating’. Being under ‘restricted movements’ I was permitted to go my daily walk. I was permitted outside my home parameter. I was not permitted to meet others. Yet I stayed indoors and did not venture out. I was getting text messages saying ‘I heard Covid is in your house’, ‘is it true covid is in your house’, etc. Immediately I went into staying home mode. I felt the finger pointing straight away. But I’d done nothing wrong. I was afraid to go a walk. So I didn’t.

After one week under ‘restricted movements’ I was retested, and this time I tested positive. I was happy to continue staying home and remain isolated with my family. We knew we were doing the right thing. But I still felt that invisible finger pointing. Had I done wrong? I began questioning my every move in recent weeks. I began questioning myself.

Then I began to hear whispers – via text messages, social media posts, and even from family phone calls. The Covid finger was pointing at so many people in my local community. ‘He shouldn’t have done that’….‘she was out of line to do it’…..the blame game was well underway. Then it was, ‘people are so angry’….’he/she should’ve known better’…..eh?

“Let he without sin cast the first stone”.

People are really ill just now. People have died. Not only in our community, but all over. This pandemic is real and it’s creating such animosity that we must stop it. We have the power to stop the ‘Covid finger.’ We even have the power to stop Covid. But it all involves working TOGETHER. It does not involve falling apart.

Since March this year we have all come together by staying apart. This was to protect those we love and those around us. As a community we built up a support network around us and everyone helped each other. Local groups and organisations came together to help those in need. Kindness and protective nature took over. They took over in all walks of life. So much good was happening right here.

So much good continues to happen. And yet it now seems to be starting to fail. We can pull it together again. We can return to supporting each other and not tear each other down. We have all suffered in so many ways. Some have suffered great loss. Sadness prevails in some homes at present. But it’s coming together and staying power we need now. It’s coming together to support those who need it most just now. And that involves supporting some we might have forgotten need that support too.

We need to continue building together as a community. We need to continue supporting. We need to put the stone down. We need to put the finger down. We need to work together to protect lives. We need to prevent that finger from destroying lives. Too much suffering has happened for us to allow more suffering. Time to sit back and reflect.

It’s ok to be hurt. It’s ok to have that anger rise. But let that all settle before we react. Who hasn’t done wrong? Who hasn’t sinned? Nothing justifies losing life to this awful virus. Nothing justifies the sickness in our community right now. But two wrongs will never make a right.

As this horrific year draws to a close, let our community draw together as a United one. One that is ready to stand up FOR each other, and not Against each other. Let’s round off 2020 together – by staying apart.

Let us shine a light this New Years Eve for all those we’ve lost. Let us shine a light to remember those who are suffering. Let us shine a light to show we are United in our fight against Covid. Let us shine a light to forgive and be forgiven.

Shine your light at 8pm this Thursday night and let’s stand together apart as we shut out the Covid finger, and come together as the community we all know and love.