The family of Shelia McColgan wish to ask the local community to stay home tomorrow and watch her funeral online at St. Patricks Iskaheen at 1pm. The family want people to respect their wishes and help them grieve and show their support by staying at home tomorrow. It’s important that this is adhered to for their sakes.

A family member also asked me to share their feelings at this time regarding the situation with Covid in our local community.

“As our community and village are being ravished by the devastation of Covid-19, it’s time to do the right thing, and take a stand – close our doors, and look at our families. Know that this is all we need; material things don’t matter. Gatherings are not the right thing to do at present. To save our community and loved ones, it’s down to us alone as individuals to do the right thing. As we have to stand apart tomorrow but very much together as a family, and lay to rest the heart and soul of our family, we wish that this does not be brought to anyone else’s door.

We want to appeal as a family for people to stay at home tomorrow and watch her funeral mass at home, for the safety of everyone, and ensure that noone else endures this.”

Everyone is aware that there are a large number of people sick in our community at present with Covid-19. People of all ages. I myself am recovering from Covid. The worst hit in my home was a 22 year old. This virus doesn’t care for age. But my family are lucky. The McColgan family are not.

Whether you support the guidelines or not is irrelevant. But as said above, we as individuals must now take a stand. We can help prevent other families in our community going through what this family is. By staying apart and not ‘gathering’ this Christmas. By staying apart this Christmas we as a community can save lives. We can help ensure that another family doesn’t have to go through this. We can ensure that our community does not lose anyone else.

I’m sure I speak for the entire community when I send our sincere sympathies to Shelia’s family at this time.

Shelia’s funeral mass can be viewed tomorrow 1pm at,