I like how this young man encourages us to take up something new…..but all in our own time. He advises us to wait until we are ready, feeling comfortable. Sometimes the wisest advice really does come from our youth.

Pandemic Distractions 

With everyone still not able to do normal events – not seeing your friends, no sports nor any other activities which many of us do over the course of our daily lives, we all need something to do to keep us busy during this period. Many people have picked up new hobbies and pastimes, be they online, fitness, reading etc. 

          Some might be struggling to figure out what to do during all of this and that’s alright. With everything that’s happening it’s fine to not have a clue. It’s good to catch a break, stop for a minute and just relax; especially if you were working 24/7 before the coronavirus hit. Of course you need to do something eventually but don’t worry as it’s not the number one priority. The main priority is your health, both physical and mental. Make sure you’re happy and feeling good before going and trying out something new which may be out of your comfort zone.

            When you’re sure you want to do something new, there’s plenty of opportunities out there that you can do in your own home. Online has been more important than ever with shopping, entertainment and news. You can easily distract yourself with technology but it’s only good in moderation. Combine the internet with some exercise, studying or reading and that’s you sorted really until this is over, just as long as you take it in your own time, at your own pace. It’s also good to keep in touch with friends and family, be it a phone call or text message, everyone needs to work together for everyone to get through it.