With our current lockdown well underway just how do our young folk feel about it. I really do think these young people are the voice of reason and we really can learn so much from them. Here our Transition Year student pens his opinion on this lockdown.

Another Lockdown

We have now gone into another lockdown and besides school and essential services, everything is closed. This has put a damper on the mood of everyone, with Halloween happening just recently without a big celebration, and Christmas looming in the not so far distance.

Since we have already been in a similar situation this year with the previous lockdown, people have a different outlook on what to think about it all and what to do. Some just act like life is back to normal and go about their day, others are now more lenient with the rules regarding the pandemic, be it with the masks, social distancing or hand sanitising. Many have struggled with keeping jobs and work during it, where others have profited from it, with an obvious one being sanitising companies or essential food shops.

Schools are being kept open during all this and have split opinions on if they should be kept open or not. Some say they should stay closed as it only helps spread the illness and others think that they have to stay open as students have missed too much work already.

In my opinion they should do separate years for certain days. For example, the years with exams, third and sixth, should be going in most days as their work is very important, be it with practical subjects and stuff. Obviously the other years are just as important just that they can be doing at least some of their work at home via google classroom to try and limit the amount of students at the school each day. Some schools can accommodate all their students with the implemented rules and that’s fine, just others can be struggling to figure out enough room for their pupils with the social distancing  during this, and this would be a fair enough solution if worked on.

In general, everything is similar to what has happened before, just some things are slightly different, but we still have to stick to the rules and stay safe. With this lockdown we will be getting closer to easing the rules and getting slowly back into a normal routine.