Old Man Potter Donald Trump is Out

One of the most popular films at Christmas time is It’s a Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart. It’s about a clash of ideas between George Bailey who runs the Savings and Loans company in Bedford Falls which helps ordinary people buy their own homes.

Ranged against him is Old Man Potter who would much rather that ordinary people paid rent to him. He is indicative of the ruthless businessmen who care nothing for ordinary people.

Presidential Election

I was reminded of It’s a Wonderful Life during the recent Presidential Election.

CNN have just called the election in favour of Biden who will become the Presidential Elect. America under Trump’s rule has not been a kinder and gentler America. Trump knew where his soppporters’ hate buttons were and pressed them hard.

However, America has now rejected him and his philosophy.

Churchill once said that America could be relied to do the right thing in the end. It looks like he was right.

Old Man Potter Banished

Now America is Bedford Falls again. It is no longer Pottersville which it became for four long years.

And Old Man Potter has been kicked off the international stage.

It feels like spring today – even if we are still approaching a Covid-19 ridden winter.

But there will be someone in charge now who cares whether tens of thousands of Americans live or die.

It will be Christmas once again in Bedford Falls.

We have a lot to look forward to.