Transition year is a year many enjoy and others not. For myself as a parent I had one son out of three who partook in TY. It was to be a very positive experience. His work experience that year, his interaction with many people outside of school, and the support within school all helped develop his social, psychological, communication and interpersonal skills. This year was one which helped pave the way for his decision making for Leaving Cert and for college. I, as a parent, still see the benefit of this year as this son now studies in his last year at college.

With 2020 everything is different. This young Crana College student is doing work experience with myself, writing and lesson planning. He acknowledges the difference with this year but also sees the benefits of TY. Here is his take on TY 2020.

TY (Transition Year 2020)

This year due to coronavirus, many things have changed. Transition Year in secondary school is one of them. TY this year has changed in many ways. Now we can’t go out and do as many activities outside of school, and we aren’t able to go and do presentations and other curricular topics in school itself.

          TY this year was put into two classes and they both are having their classes outside of school grounds due to lack of space and the need for social distancing. We only go to the school in the morning for roll call and if we have a practical such as science or metalwork. The school is doing well under the conditions fortunately and we still manage to do most of the opportunities given this year. We are also able to do some trips such as surfing and kayaking as long as social distancing is possible

          The basis of TY hasn’t changed, it’s looked on as an extra year at school and treated as a handy year without school work. However, you still get work to do over the year and put the best of it in a portfolio to be assessed, but it’s still a break from exams and continuous studying. This year is also a good year for TY as we don’t have to worry about missing parts of the curriculum if it all goes all into lockdown like if we were in any other year basically. 

        Work experience is also great as you are off one day every week to go and do work at some company and find out what you would want to do in the future while figuring out what subjects to pick for Leaving Cert as well

        Overall TY is a good year to do if uncertain with what you’ll do for the future and a break from the exams.